From the Monastery of Poio travelers can see the sea and many of the beaches that run the Pontevedra River.

Lourido Beach

One of the closest beaches is the Lourido Beach, located in the same town of Poio, only five minutes away from the monastery.

On this beach, also known as the poder beach, travelers can see beautiful sunsets. It is a shaped half shell and the sand is white and fine.

The sand is located in rural setting and is sheltered from the wind, with calm waters to enjoy swimming. The beach marks the edge where the river stretches, to reach the city of Pontevedra.

Chancelas beach

This Sandy beach is also located in Poio and its shaped half-shell, with fine white sand. In contrast, in a semi-urban area, the coast façade dominated by residential complexes and compact forest spot left of the beach.

The views are magnificent and travelers can see the mythical island of Tambo, which is rocky and full of vegetation. From its past, like fortaleza and lazaretto only some walls are left. Today the island is under jurisdiction of the navy.

Sagunto and A Granxa beach (Dorrón, Sanxenxo)

After crossing the coast to spend time at the two beaches listed above, travelers enter Dorrón, which already belongs to the municipality of Sanxenxo, near Poio. Maceiriñas. Its rectilinear shaped and is located in a rural setting, consisting of a combination of white sand and small pebbles. It is a small sandy area which typically has little bathers precisely because of that.

The Sagunto beach is located in the place of A Granxa(Dorrón) between the beaches of Santa Mariña and Maceiriñas. The sand creates a picture of a sailor who reminds us of the main activity. The large number of stones that are found in sand. The typical small fishings boats usually can be seen on Areas Beach

Areas Beach (Sanxenxo)

The Areas beach is located between Sanxenxo and Raxó. It is also located in an urban settling of low population density. Bordered on the east end with small Cala dos Mortos, with beautiful views of the Pontevedra estuary.

It is the largest beach in Sanxenxo, 400 meters, and nearest from Pontevedra, so often one of the busiest beaches with tourists from the pontevedra, Poio, Combarro or Raxó.

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