Combarro is a typical marine town very close to Pontevedra, only 7 km away and 3 km away from the Monastary of Poio. This shows a unique example of popular Galician architecture and is considered one of the preserved villages of Galicia.

Famous for its old part of town and the large number of Hórreos (granaries) and transept were declared in 1972. The set of interesting artistic style and picturesque due to its exceptional charm.

In the taverns and restaurants inside of antique houses, where they serve delicious dishes, typical of the gastronomy of the area.

The old town was built adapting to the lifestyle of its inhabitants: sailors and agricultural. The traveler can see how the over 30 Hórreos (granaries) are aligned on the granite base that shapes the coast and reach the shore. It is in the wall surrounding the historic center where these barns are embedded corn. It’s singular mixture is agricultural and marine activity used as drying of anchovies, sardines, and other typical fish from the river, hence the peculiarity of the granaries built on the edge of the ocean, unlike the typical Galician granaries that are built to save the crops.

The village is a great example of the popular architectural way of life of the sailors. The houses are of small size and the pavement of some of the streets is composed of its own bare rock.

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