Pepe Vieira Camiño da Serpe en Raxó (Poio)

This restaurant of creative and Galician cooking is located in Raxó (Poio) on Camiño de Serpe street. A very modern area, sustainable, integrated into the landscape, with capacity to transmit itself.

Tasting menu with wine:

The usual way to enjoy this cuisine and environment at Pepe Vierira Camiño de Serpe is to try the multiple menus available that are less than 29 euros. In addition the restaurant has a variety of wines to taste that are spectacular.

Casa Solla

Casa Solla, in San Salvador de Poio(Pontevedra) has grown from a family restaurant with traditional Galician cuisine, to a culinary of design. Casa Solla, intergrated into the Grupo Nove, it is housed in an Old Manor on the the edge of Pontevedra and considered by critics as one of the best Spanish Restuarants in the area (including by Club de Gourmets among the top one hundred.)

Casa Solla menus establish two clearly different tendencies: the new tendencies of new gastronomies and the traditional culinary style. In addition the menu with a specific part for seafood which features oysters, shrimp, prawns, crabs, lobster, lubrigante, crab, and scallops.

El precio del menú degustación es de 37 euros.

A Nova Cepa

The seafood restaurant Nova Cepa is located in O Penedo, located on Mosteiro de Poio street in Pontevedra. This traditional seafood establishment has the best seafood from the river and with spectacular views of the sea.

The menus include many various plates. You are able to eat at a medium price of 20 euros but they also have tasting menus of 7 euros.

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