Sanxenxo: name from its Patron Saint, San Ginés, is the tourist town of Galicia in summer, hence its gastronomy (clams, fish, meat) as for its beaches, large fine white sand. At the heart of SAnxenxo is the famous Xilgar beach, a very common place in the summer for tourist. There are also many creeks all along the coast from Sanxenxo to the town of O Grove. This is its main attraction: 36 km of coastline with sopme of the best beaches in Galicia as Silgar, Baltar and Candiñas or more peaceful like Ares, Montalvo and Major. Sanxenxo can boast of the highest number of beaches with blue flags of Galicia.

Beside the beaches, Sanxenxo has the viewpoint of Palacios, looking out ever the Pontevedra River, the Marina, which is equipped with 400 berths and a large shopping area with restaurants, shops, nautical equipment, covered parking and a pedestrian open space of 8000 square meters.

Other important viewpoints of the town are the Silgar Mirador from where you can see the estuary ever the Silgar beach, with the port of Sanxenxo and the Madama on one side and the Vicaño tip on the other.

The O Vicaño oriel to observe the promenade and the Silgar beach from the right margen and the Paxariñas oriel overlooking the Ría de Pontevedra, with Punta Montalvo on one side and Punta Faxilda on the other.

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